East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists


We welcome you to join ETSPJ.  To learn more about National SPJ and the various levels of membership, please check out Why Join SPJ? 

It’s easy to fill out a Membership Application or download one today!  You may also renew an expired membership online. On the right side of the form, in the Local Chapter Dues section, please enter your local chapter as East Tennessee Pro.  Our dues are $10 per year.

Membership form

In addition to receiving the national magazine, Quill, and access to all that National SPJ has to offer, membership in ETSPJ will entitle you to a subscription to our monthly newsletter, Spot News, and other mailings throughout the year.  That way you will be the first to know about programs, professional development sessions, social events and area journalism news.  You will be eligible for discounts or free admittance to any of our programs where there is a charge, as well as a reduction in the entry fee for our Golden Press Card Awards. 

If you believe in the First Amendment, Open Records and Open Meetings laws, want to improve your print, broadcast, freelance or Web skills, network with fellow professionals and have fun, you need to become a member now!

There are several types of membership.  To all of these, please add $10 for local dues.

Professional Members spend more than half their working time as journalists or are journalism educators. National dues are $72 for one year.

Retired Members are retired and 62 or older. National dues are $36 for one year.

Household Members share living quarters with an existing SPJ professional member. National dues are $36 for one year.

Student through Post-Graduate Members have a demonstrated interest in journalism, are pursuing a course of study in journalism, or are working in a journalism field. Post-graduate members may maintain their status for two years after graduation. Recent graduates with no prior SPJ membership may also join at the post-graduate level. National dues are $36 for one year.

High School Students may join as associates at the student rate. National dues are $36 for one year.

Associate Members do not qualify for the above but support the mission and goals of SPJ. National dues are $90 for one year.

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