East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists

Rules & Fees

[Updated 1/1/08] 

Eligible works must have been printed or broadcast between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2007. They must have appeared or aired in East Tennessee (categories 1-23, 27); have been created by a journalist whose permanent residence is in East Tennessee (Category 24); or appeared on a Web site whose editorial office is in East Tennessee (Categories 25 and 26). The area defined as East Tennessee comprises Scott, Morgan, Cumberland, Bledsoe and Hamilton counties and the Tennessee counties east of them.

Most newspaper categories offer general (circulation over 25,000 and below 25,000) and non-daily newspaper divisions. In any category that offers such a division, reporters for daily newspapers (five or more days per week) must compete in the general division; reporters for non-daily newspapers (fewer than five days per week) may compete in the general division, if they choose. If a non-daily newspaper enters the general division in any category, it must classify all of its entries in the general division. The broadcast categories are divided between radio and television.

Each entry must be accompanied by two copies of a completed entry form; the entry form may be photocopied. The same report or broadcast may be entered in more than one category, but an entry fee and entry form are required for each.

Fees in each category are $20 per entry, but members of ETSPJ will receive a discount of $5 per entry. The discount applies only if the person whose work is being entered is a member of ETSPJ as shown on the national organization’s membership roster at the time the entry is received.  (An entrant may also join ETSPJ at the time of entering the contest and receive the discount. Please see click here for a membership application.  You may include the application plus membership fee with your GPC entry.)  All entries must be received by 5 p.m. February 1, 2008. NOTE: FEBRUARY 1, 2008, IS THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT, NOT POSTMARK.

Entries should be mailed or delivered to: Golden Press Card Entries; College of Communications; 333 Communications Building; University of Tennessee; Knoxville, TN 37996-0333. Please pay by check made out to East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists (see Entry Form). We cannot accept cash or credit cards.

ENTRY FORMAT: Full-page tearsheets are preferred for print and photojournalism entries; clippings or photocopies of published material are acceptable if tearsheets are not available. Mark entry clearly; attach two copies of the entry form to each submittal. Submit radio entries on cassettes or CD’s and television entries on VHS videocassettes or DVD’s. Label cassettes or discs clearly, and attach entry form securely. Please see the Online categories (25 and 26) for instructions on how to enter those.

Because it may be impossible to return entries, do not submit irreplaceable materials. Note that some categories require a cover letter to prepare the judges to review the material within the framework of the category entered, while others allow a cover letter but do not require one. Please read the requirements for each category carefully; do not submit a cover letter unless one is required or allowed. Click Here for a copy of the entry form.

JUDGING:  Entries will be reviewed by an out-of-state team of judges. Awards may be withheld in any category if the judges deem none of the entries meet the criteria for special recognition. Entries are judged on accuracy and completeness, style, interest, effectiveness of interpretation, enterprise, and resourcefulness. Judges’ decisions are final.

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