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[updated 7/3/2008]

Tennessee “Sunshine Law”

The General Assembly hereby declares it to be the policy of this State that the formation of public policy and decisions is public business and shall not be conducted in secret.”   Title 8, Chapter 44  (T.C.A. 8-44-101-201)

The motto of the Tennessee Coalition on Open Government, or TCOG, is: “To preserve and improve access to public information” and the organization has done so through many activities, including lobbying the State Legislature and conducting citizen audits of government agencies’ actual openness.

ETSPJ was a Charter Member of the Tennesee Coalition on Open Government and has contributed to it every year since its inception.  ETSPJ Treasurer and past president Dorothy Bowles is a long-time board member.

In March 2008, thanks to efforts by director Frank Gibson and others, the state has added new resources for providing open records information and assistance to Tennessee citizens.  They are outlined at www.comptroller.state.tn.us/openrecords/index.htm.

Keep up on the latest word on TCOG via Frank Gibson in the updates to the right!

Learn more about TCOG at http://www.tcog.info/

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